Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Texas sues EPA

Governor Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples announced in this press release, a lawsuit against the EPA over a declaration that carbon dioxide emissions constitute a threat to public health. This declaration could bring stronger government enforcement of the carbon dioxide emissions.

The Star Telegram reports:

The suit was filed in Washington in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The state will also file a "petition for reconsideration" with the Environmental Protection Agency calling on EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to review her declaration.

Texas is the #1 carbon polluter in the United States. In an CBS News article, Governor Perry's spokeswoman, Allison Castle even acknowledged that.

"Being that Texas is a heavily populated state, that it is the leading producer of energy, has the largest refining capacity and has the largest petrochemical industry in the nation, it would be expected that we would have the largest total of greenhouse gases in the country," Perry spokeswoman Allison Castle said.

Of course Perry's eagerness to sue the EPA doesn't have anything to do with the following endorsements he has received from the Gas and Oil Industry.

Click here to see the endorsement from the Texas Oil and Gas Association President.

The Texas Oil and Gas Association president endorsed Rick Perry for governor, citing his "efforts to combat potentially crippling cap-and-trade legislation threatened by Washington."
"I am proud to endorse Rick Perry for re-election and I am certain that our state, and the oil and gas industry in particular, will continue to thrive under his guidance in years to come," said association president Rob Looney.

Click here to see the endorsement from the Texas Chemical Council

Texas Chemical Council Endorses Rick Perry for Governor for re-election.

TCC President and CEO Hector L. Rivero said the following:

"As a major economic engine since the 1940s, the chemical industry is among the first high-tech industries in Texas and continues to be an innovator through advanced research and development.
"Our products improve the quality of life of every American and millions of people around the world. Governor Perry's leadership to lower taxes, pass meaningful tort reforms, and provide a fair and balanced regulatory system has enabled the Texas chemical industry to compete in the global economy and keep high paying jobs and investment in Texas."

That fair and balanced regulatory system is the Texas Railroad Commission. You know the state agency whose elected officials are allowed to take a majority of their campaign donations from very industry they are suppose to regulate. The state agency whose inspectors can take gifts from the very industry that they are suppose to regulate.

here to read how Texas leads the nation for the most drilling activity and the worst regulation!

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Don M said...

How can you not consider the dumping of carbon and carcinogens in the air a states rights issue if you consider the dumping of human bacterial pathogens and virus in ballast water a states rights issue? In 2008 Senator Boxer stopped legislation (h.r.2830) to prevent dumping of pathogens and virus in our water over states rights