Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dr. Armendariz, Region 6 Administrator Swearing In

This morning I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Armendariz's "Swearing In" Ceremony as EPA Region 6 Administrator.

For those that may not be familiar with Dr. Armendariz, he is a Texan from El Paso. He recently worked at SMU in Dallas and did an
air quality study that made many take notice to what was happening to our air quality here in North Texas and the Barnett Shale area. When his study was completed, he also suggested affordable and available ways to clean up the air.

Dr. Armendariz talked a little bit about some of his priorities for the EPA.

He said he would like to continue the good work that the EPA is already doing. Dr. Armendariz acknowledged that some of communities here in North Texas have environmental challenges. He would like to focus the EPA's work on helping people and make the biggest impact possible to protect the environment and improve peoples lives.

He mentioned new initiatives that will be rolled out on all layers of government regarding climate change. Some will address water supply, water conservation and water desalinization. He said there will likely to be major changes to what they do on clean air side as well. Better and stricter air quality standards.

They will take a look at coastal restoration. The challenges Region 6 is facing in Louisiana. Work on protecting the wetlands and the coast.

It was a packed house with Texas citizens, EPA employees and politicians. There is no doubt that Dr. Armendariz has the State of Texas' best interest at heart.

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