Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gas and oil industry cash supported concerted campaign to undermine case for man-made warming

Nah, they would never do that. They are our friends and neighbors right? Every day, numerous times a day, we see those commercials with big open spaces and children playing while some gas company tells us they are working towards a cleaner tomorrow. But the reality is, it seems the Gas and Oil industry doesn't want the truth about global warming out there and are willing to pay a hefty amount of dough to keep it that way.

Using $$$ to pay someone to discredit reports and personally attack those who speak out against gas and oil is nothing new. Many of us experience that daily here in the Barnett Shale.

It seems this type of activity is typical for the Gas and Oil Industry. Here in Texas, the Texas Railroad Commission is allowed to take campaign donations and gifts from the very industry they regulate. The industry uses money by threatening to file lawsuits to intimidate those who speak out and support those who speak out. This is happening right now with the
Town of Dish.

Click here to read the article in the London Independent. Here are a few paragraphs from the article highlighting the ways they undermined those who speak out against global warming.

It does appear that there's a concerted effort by a number of skeptics to undermine the credibility of the evidence behind human-induced climate change," said Bob Watson, a former IPCC chairman who is now chief scientific adviser to the United Kingdom's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. "I am sure there are some skeptics who may well be funded by the private sector to try to cast uncertainty."

The controversies have shaken the IPCC, whose chairman, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, was subjected to a series of personal attacks on his reputation and lifestyle last week.

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