Monday, February 22, 2010

What is the real cost to protect our town?

In many of the previous Town Council Meetings, some of the Council Members stressed that they made certain decisions regarding natural gas drilling based on the fear of the town getting sued.

The Town of Flower Mound spent $409,134 in median beautification including Grant Funds, Town Match, etc. All of this is still tax dollars.

The Town spent $30,973 in legal fees to defend itself in the first Red Oak 1 lawsuit , that represents roughly .0006% of annual 2008 expenses. Flower Mound triumphed in that lawsuit.

This town is our home, it is where we raise our families and want to retire. Many here have a lot invested in their homes and not just money. We are connected to our community and for some the community is like a family.

Just to put that in perspective, for a family which spends approximately $50,000 a year on expenses, that would be equivalent to $30 dollars to defend your family against a lawsuit. Would you spend $30 dollars to defend your family against a lawsuit?

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Anonymous said...

What I don't get is why it took almost four hours for the council to come to a four to nothing vote on this matter.

What's there to think about? We shouldn't allow our attorney to represent us when we are being sued?

It really wasn't that hard of a question.

Anonymous said...

which members of the board voted against that? We should make sure they stay on the board or get them on council.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for putting this into perspective for everyone!

Anonymous said...

How much do you suppose the City spent on legal fees for Mayor Smith's and Councilwoman Levencick's pinching incident?

Anonymous said...