Monday, February 8, 2010

Attention Flower Mound Residents: Norwood Land Services Geophysical Survey is really Seismic Testing

If you have been contacted Norwood Land Services to sign a permit for them to do a geophysical survey, please do your homework.


In a previous post, we talked about the Barnett Shale not so simple after all. Well, this is why the gas companies want to seismic test. The closer you get to the Muenster Arch, the more difficult drilling becomes.

Seems like they are looking out for us huh? Not so. Remember at a Flower Mound Town Council Meeting discussing seismic testing, the town hired an expert that mentioned the unstable ground we have here in our Town. In addition to that, stories of damage to foundations, sewage lines, and roads were presented.

Remember seismic companies don’t want to indemnify you against potential damage.

The burden of proof will always fall on the homeowner.


Anonymous said...

Also, keep in mind that this kind of testing is illegal on city streets and ROWs, which includes from the street to where the sidewalk meets your property. You also do NOT have to let them on your property (unless you signed away that right).

Another Concerned Citizen said...

We believe this company may be asking residents to sign away the right to their property.

Anonymous said...

What? They just don't stop. I read it won't be the big trucks on the streets but some little device they stick in your yard. What about those that don't want it and live next to someone who signs. Can we sue them and the company if we have damage?
Also what worries me are the big trucks on places like Northshore, Hilliard, and the other big private properties.
Those of us living very close may get damage.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should contact a lawyer now! I am. Your neighbors should be liable. Who else are you going to sue since the Town and the Seismic company is asking to be indemnified.
Also, get a foundation survey done.