Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Texas envisioned as solar power leader

This is a promising article from the Dallas Morning News. With all the sun (not today though) and wind here in Texas, this just makes sense. This could greatly reduce the need for fossil fuels by using natural and renewable resources.

The article claims that Texas already leads the nation in producing wind power. You would never know that here in BS (Barnett Shale) Country.

Texas already leads the nation in producing wind power, and given its sunny climate, scientists say it has the capacity to dominate solar, too.

To help make that happen, solar advocates are urging the Texas Public Utility Commission to set solar usage requirements for electric retailers.

"We actually are a perfect environment, economically and thermodynamically, as a raw resource for solar, but it hasn't taken off," said Michael E. Webber, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Texas.

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Anonymous said...

The solar lobby isn't quite what the O&G lobby is, so until the solar industry gives millions of dollars to the TRC, I doubt there will be any incentives [here incentives means the act of not intimidating by way of force or other coersive means) for the solar industry to get any meaningful foothold.