Thursday, February 4, 2010

Texas Largest Clean Air Fund Suspends Funding Natural Gas Projects

The Sue Pope Fund, totaling 2.3 million, was created by a legal settlement between Holcim Cement and Downwinders at Risk. This fund has awarded grants to small and large projects.

They have decided not to fund or support any natural gas drilling projects. Here is a paragraph from their press release.

In a statement it said would be posted on the Pope Fund website as well as distributed to other North Texas foundations, the Downwinders board stated that "Natural gas could play an important and constructive role in the transition from coal and oil to more sustainable energy sources. But for it to do so, it must be extracted and processed with less waste and pollution."

Read below to see two of the projects they funded:

A CNG-powered bus ferrying workday commuters from Arlington to the TRE station in Ft. Worth, and the conversion of approximately 20 gasoline-powered taxis to natural gas. Those projects will be fully funded, but no new projects centered on gas will be approved.

Downwinders at Risk Director Jim Schermbeck had this to say:

"Our small effort won't make anyone in the industry tremble, but maybe our stand will influence others to do the same thing. We appreciate the value of small stuff adding up - it's how we've won all our own battles", said Schermbeck.

You are so right Jim. A lot of little voices can be very loud when all saying the same thing.

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